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Guess Where Trips

Hi, I’m Anastasia 👋🏼

Toronto Representative

I’m Anastasia and as you know, I run the blog and @Busymamaco Instagram page.

I’ve never been one to stand still. There is just so much to see and explore – even in our own backyards.

I explore so many fun and interesting places and give feedback on what to expect. I hope it makes planning a little easier for you!

A couple years ago I found a company I became obsessed with. They offer one-day surprise road trips across Canada.

They are pretty amazing…

How cool, right? My family loved hopping in the car and taking their trips. I also purchased surprise trips as gifts for family and friends. As an adventurer myself, I was infatuated with the idea of a surprise road trip.

I couldn’t believe it!

It wasn’t long, after years of manifesting and praying to the universe, that I started to write road trips for Guess Where Trips myself. Pinch me!

I take pride in finding the absolute coolest spots that only locals know about. The most amazing photo ops, the most picturesque views… just everything you’d love to see and explore on a one-day road trip.

It’s my passion.

I love and believe in the amazing adventures Guess Where Trips puts together.

I’m honoured to say I’ve recently become Toronto’s Representative for Guess Where Trips.

I helped create a bunch of great trips for you to explore! I’d love for you to experience all that Ontario has to offer.

Just take a trip and let Guess Where Trips do the planning…

A glimpse into a Guess Where Trip

Guess Where Trips offers self-guided road trips in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. The catch? You don’t know where you’re going! Travellers open four envelopes throughout the day bringing them to a variety of surprise areas, attractions and recommended small businesses. Their ultimate goal is to create an experience that will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and explore your own backyard!

You select a trip based on your interests and a very general idea of what you’ll get up to. Trips are available in both digital and physical formats. Most travellers will opt for the super fun envelopes to open throughout the day, but digital trips are great for last-minute adventures! Each stop is packed with a new destination, specific recommendations, maps, travel tips, fun facts and exclusive ‘Guess Where’ discounts at select local businesses.

Try one of these fan favourites

I know you’ll love the adventures just as much as I do!

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