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Port Dalhousie

Tourist attraction - Fair

🏖 Port Dalhousie in St Catharine’s is the cutest little beach spot by the water!

We were only able to spend a short amount of time here before the littles expired in the heat but we will definitely visit again soon.

The beach was nice for shade with large trees towering high. There was plenty of room. 🌳

Bathrooms and change rooms right on the beach for your convenience with an accessible ramp.

I did not see an accessible ramp to the actual beach (correct me please if I’m wrong).

To the right of the beach is a beautiful walk out to the pier where you can take in the sights of the lighthouse, marina and beach.

🎠 My favourite part of our visit was just steps away you can ride their sheltered carrousel for a donation.

Beside the carrousel is a playground. If you have a car enthusiast bring some hot wheels as the smaller playground had tracks through it for cars. Of course, the Mini loved that.

There were sooooo many cute local restaurants with nice patios just steps away. If you have a recommendation for us to try please comment below!

I also saw a very long bridge sitting on the water just west of the beach (maybe a short drive or walk to).

We parked right beside the beach and paid max for parking which was around $8 (3 hours) at the machine.

The beach is free, no reservations.

What other recommendations do you have for us to try!


Port Dalhousie