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I’m Anastasia, as a first time Mama to my Mini. I moved to Oakville 4 years ago from Milton and I’m still learning so much!

I’ve always viewed life as one big adventure and now I have a little sidekick to share these memories with.

I started Busy Mama after speaking with my Nurse who was new to the Country and looking for ideas on places to visit.

This inspired me to compile a list of fun, local places to visit in and around Halton. I posted my list to the Oakville Mommies Chat group and fellow Mama’s helped me compile a Master List which is now known as Busy Mama.

I don’t receive an income from this page. I just like to go on adventures and want to give people first hand advice on the places I visit.

You may wonder why I do it all? Well, I have Agoraphobia – the fear of outside, large spaces, and crowds. The only thing that’s helped me grow from my fears is facing them. Cognitive behaviour therapy, exposing myself to situations that would otherwise make me uncomfortable.

So you could say this is my therapy, Busy Mama holds me accountable and gets me out of the house to face my fears.

Plus – I’ve met SO many amazing people. Becoming a new Mama in a new Town is terrifying. Not knowing anyone or my way around was isolating and lonely. Going on ‘mom-dates’ for me was awkward. So thank you to everyone who’s reached out and chatted, you make it all worthwhile.

I hope you find my page helpful and I look forward to keeping you up to date on all the fun memories ready to be made.