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Natural Playgrounds

two lambs

Natural playgrounds encourage a child’s imagination

We love exploring all the natural playgrounds in the area. Who knew there were so many.

Click here for our EPIC playgrounds list

East Chapel Parkette in Hamilton

There is something about a giant owl in the middle of Hamilton that makes me super excited to play.

Crown Point East Park in Hamilton

What’s all the buzz about?

Exhibition Park in Guelph

There are so many reasons why I love this park but the Natural Playground is a huge part of it.

High Park in Toronto

If you’ve never been this is your opportunity to visit.

Huron Natural Playground in Kitchener

While visiting the park don’t forget to check out the hiking trails.

Jaycee Park in Mississauga

One of our favourite parks in Mississauga.

Paul Coffey Park in Mississauga

A castle? Yes! But don’t forget to check out the giant airplane hanging around the corner.

Riverside Park in Guelph

A beautiful mix between natural and your typical playground. One of the best in Guelph.

Mountsberg Conservation Area in Milton

Hiking, Birds of Prey and even a natural playground You can’t go wrong here.

William Connell Park in Hamilton

This very fun themed park is surrounded by large green space and a typical park just steps away.

but wait, there’s more…

◦ Lisgar Park playground

◦ Downsview Park playground

◦ Lord Seaton Park Playground

◦ Corktown Common

◦ Little Norway Park (Harbourside)

◦ Vermont Square Park

◦ Grange Park

◦ Humbertown Park

◦ Dufferin Grove Park

◦ Westmount Sports Park Playground

◦ Albert Street Crossing Playground

◦ Gildner Green Natural Playground

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