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A Little London

Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre Swimming Area
Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre Swimming Area

This staycation will have you feeling like you’re down south

I saw so many rave reviews about the Best West Plus Lamplighter Inn and Conference Centre in London, Ontario.

It’s one of the top suggestions based on it’s tropical indoor swimming area equipped with a waterslide descending from a lighthouse, palm trees, koi fish and not one but two indoor waterfalls.

Tip: Towels are available on the pool deck during certain hours. I would pack sandals, water shoes or crocs for the pool deck and cover ups to walk back to your room.

When booking, one thing to consider is how close to the pool you’d like to sleep. The swimming area is lined with three floors of room’s with balcony’s. The ground level rooms are able to access the swimming pool directly from their room. The second and third floor have a balcony with views of the pool.

We chose a room down the hall away from the pool to ensure our littles could have a quiet nap during the day. We also factored in how close we were to the parking area considering we had two littles, a play-yard and all the accessories littles come with.

Tip: Be sure to ask when scheduling, what the hours of the slide are so that you are not disappointed during your stay. Hours may vary.

Lifeguards are available at certain times, please inquire with the hotel as hours may vary.

When I choose a hotel one of my favourite things is room service! The Lamplighter Inn did not disappoint.

With Shelly’s Tap and Grill located right inside the hotel your options are endless. You can dine in, take out or order to the room. We ordered breakfast in bed for the littles who wake up super early. We ordered dinner and dessert for ourselves after a long day. They have an amazing kids menu with plenty of options.

There is a Walmart Supercentre down the road which is a great option for water and snacks or anything you’ve forgotten at home.

The hotel is located on a populated street and there are many options for dining in and taking out.

Pasta Pasta Pasta

A fun recommendation that was given to us was a huge hit with my carb loving littles. We made reservations in advance at Spaggedy Eddy’s. It’s located in the heart of London down an alleyway and the pasta is plentiful and inexpensive! Just what we like. Plus they have high chairs which is a bonus wherever we go.

Pre-covid they would serve bread down a rope. Think Rapunszel letting down her deliciously warm bread instead of her hair. The concept is so fun for the little ones.

Check out their menu here.

You will spend the whole day here…

The London Children’s Museum is incredible. I have never visited a museum that was as fun and hands on.

I would plan to spend a good portion of your day here. They have tables and chairs on the main level to unpack a lunch and relax. There are light snacks available instore at the Explore Store.

Tip: Reserve your visit in advance to ensure there is availability here.

There are three amazing floors of fun. All with different themes. You can preview the exhibits here. You can start with wandering the caves and visiting with the dinosaurs. We loved the planetarium show where you sit in the dark room and hear a story under the stars. Explore like an astronaut or visit the tiny town.


There is absolutely no shortage of fun here and I would suggest spending 3-4 hours exploring (or more).

The Museum is stroller friendly with elevators.

I would say the Museum is appropriate for children up to 10 years of age.

The Museum believes that every child should have their chance to explore. Subsidy is available here.

A MUST visit for any age

The Factory.

That is all. You’re welcome.

This one stop fun shop should exist in every postal code. London sure knows how to have fun.

If your littles (or bigs) are looking for the ultimate place to hang – then check this out.

Here you will find;

A trampoline park

High ropes course and zip lining

Warrior course

Indoor playground

Virtual Reality

Escape rooms

Massive arcade and prizes

Tip: Reserve your spot ahead of visiting to ensure availability.

Tip: Be prepared and fill out a waiver ahead of time.

Dine-in and choose from an amazing selection of eats. Be sure to check out the fun menu at Canteen

There is a license bar to the side of the arcade fit for the biggest big’s. 

We didn’t plan enough time to fit all the fun in at The Factory so we will be back again to revisit the area and plan ahead.

100 Kellogg Lane was formerly London’s Kellogg Factory and a landmark in London.

Now this stunning structure boasts;

An artisan “Maker’s Market”

A boutique hotel 

Premier office space

Authentic restaurants

A versatile convention centre

And Canada’s largest adventure park

This facility is stroller friendly and accessible.

Depending on the activities you have scheduled I would plan to spend 3-4 hours here.

Saved the best for last!

The whole reason we wanted to visit London was for the infamous Storybook Gardens!

This outdoor theme parked is based on nursery rhymes and is so much fun.

People love it because it is inexpensive. You can purchase tickets in advance here.

People love it because it is very inexpensive at just $7.00 per person (children and adult). Children under 24 months are free. You can purchase tickets in advance here.

Ride tickets are not included in the admission price. You can purchase ride tickets for; the Springbank Express Train, Storybook Gardens Carousel, Elephant Ride, and Swings.

Individual tickets are $2.75 each or 20 tickets for $35.00. Rides cost one or two tickets per person (adults and children). Ride tickets do not expire and are non-refundable.

You can purchase ride tickets on site.

Some rides may not be working at the time of your arrival. Their Instagram page is great for checking updates.


The grounds are stroller accessible. I would suggest bringing a wagon for tired feet or storage if you can. Wagon rentals are available for $6.00 while supplies last.


You can pack your own food and find a nice spot on the grass or one of the many picnic tables to enjoy. There are also concession stands available in the Spring and Summer months to purchase snack items including hot dogs, fries, coffee and more.


The park is a water bottle free park (they do not sell water bottles) but they do offer refill stations throughout the park. I suggest bringing your own bottles to refill. To find out why click here.


I would say the park is great for all ages and is a great price point to enjoy for the whole day.


There is a gift shop to purchase items on the way out.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


But wait, there’s more…


Another bucket-list worthy feature of Storybook Gardens is their epic winter skating trail throughout the park. It measures at 250 metres and is beautifully lit for evening skates but it also available during the day. You can enjoy a treat of Beavertails, poutine, hot beverages and more.


A ‘little’ London is more like a lot of London.


This trip is great year-round. I’ve listed some great indoor options to explore but there are seasonal adventure farms in the area we suggest you check out including; Kustermans Adventure Farm and Clovermead Adventure Farm.


Next time we visit, if during the summer we plan on visiting East ParkLondon’s outdoor waterpark.


If you have any tips or tricks for us…


Please send us a message! We’d love to hear more for our next trip.

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