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Valens Conservation Area

Valens Conservation Area is one of those conservations that’s worth the walk to be one with nature.

The perfect spot for camping, swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating and hiking.

Be sure to check this location out.


Valens Conservation Area


Address: 1691 Regional Road 97, Flamborough, ON, N1R 5S7

Phone: 905-525-2183




Open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted.


Admission Rates

Entrance Fees:

Per vehicle and driver: $15

Per passenger over 5 years of age: $5

Walk/bike in: $5

Boat Rental:

Boat rental (half day): $28

Boat rental (full day) $53

Camping Fees:

*Annual Membership Pass holders receive 10% per night discount

Un-serviced: $41 per night plus HST

Electric and Water: $48 per night plus HST

Season Pass Information