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Huntsville in the Fall

Autumn - Autumn leaf color

A Fall Adventure

There is nothing more beautiful than exploring Fall in Huntsville, Ontario.

It has been on my bucket list for so long. I’m so happy we had the pleasure of exploring some of the amazing areas in and around Huntsville.

A vacation in a vacation

One of our favourite spots to stay in Huntsville is Deerhurst Resort. We’ve spent a summer vacation there, completely on the resort and had such a great time.

In the summer you can enjoy their indoor and outdoor pools, golf, spa, escape room, indoor playground, arcade, hiking trails and even a beach! We loved spending time dining in at the restaurants on the resort.

In the fall the hiking in the area is beautiful. We even saw a deer that came right up to us on the property!

The kids love staying in the hotel rooms and exploring the land surrounding the resort.

We also love how local Deerhurst Resort is to all the major box stores and restaurant chains.

At one point we needed a pair of hiking boots for my Hubby, so we had loads of options to choose from.

A must see view

Not far from Deerhurst in Huntsville is the Lions Lookout. This spectacular view is a great quick stop on your way out of Huntsville.

It’s just around the corner from the Active Living Centre. We never made it to visit but it looks like a great stop for the littles. It has an outdoor train and tracks.

The drive up to Lions Lookout is a steep incline through rocky walls and colourful trees. It’s beautiful on its own.

There’s a small parking lot at the top of the hill where you can get out and enjoy the sights. There’s even a small gazebo and picnic bench if you want to sit and stay a while.

A colourful view and a waterfall…

We chose Arrowhead Provincial Park for our hike of choice based on a lot of recommendations.

Arrowhead is located in Huntsville and we paid for our entrance ahead of time through their website.

We chose to do Stubb’s Falls Trail which ends at the beautiful Stubb’s Falls. It was a quick 2km walk with mainly flat ground. There are stairs to the waterfall.

At the time of our hike due to a lot of rain the trail stopped at the waterfall and we had to turn around and back track.

On a normal day you could continue on over the bridge over the waterfall and back around.

Parking is directly across from the trail.

A lake view

There’s also a beautiful lake opening in front of the waterfall that is worth the very short (2 minute) walk.

A little further up the road

Just further up from Stubb’s Falls Trail is a must visit lookout – Big Bend Lookout.

The photo speaks for itself.

Parking is located right in front of the entrance to the trail.

The trail is very short and flat. It took us about two minutes to walk to the lookout. The lookout is a fenced in platform.

The views of Big Bend are spectacular. I’m a complete sucker for pine trees and they are plentiful here.

There are bathrooms you can use at Arrowhead.

So strange yet so cool

This has always been on my list of places to explore. I just had to fit it in.

The Screaming Heads are located in Burk’s Falls which is about an hour from Huntsville.

The drive may be boring to some but I loved how picturesque the landscape of trees were along the way.

To the right of the exit to the Screaming Heads there is a gas station, food stops and a Tim Hortons.

The Screaming Heads are made by the property owner and free to visit. No reservations or bookings required. Just show up and explore. Parking is on the owners property and there is a small walk around the property to see all of his really cool creations.

Even his house is decked out and very cool.

There are some huts set up selling Screaming Heads t-shirts and such.

There is a portapotty to use on site.

Something fun for everyone

Santa’s Village is an outdoor amusement park kids. It’s theme.. Christmas! You can event visit Santa and his Reindeer.

There are a ton of rides to choose from including a Merry-Go-Round, Rollercoaster, Bumper Boats and so much more.

You can even enjoy a fun hiking trail, a few games and a ropes course.

There is no shortage of fun here.

In the fall it is decked out in fun Halloween decor and they encourage littles to wear costumes.

There are some food options available on site and bathrooms available as well.

A fun weekend away

After a super fun weekend away we were ready to head home! There was a lot left to do on my list but we were spent.

Hiking at Algonquin Provincial Park was a huge item I wanted to explore but for the kids sake I’ll have to save that for another trip.