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Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse Conservation Area @cvc_ca in Limehouse was one of my favourite trails growing up in Milton.

Few knew about this trail so I always felt safe taking my dog for runs through here alone! It was the perfect place to clear your mind and still is.

When you enter you can go left and walk overtop of caves, down a ladder and through the caves, along boardwalks, over bridges and past kilns! It’s so magical.

To your right is forest, beautiful quiet forest. The ground is layered with colourful leaves and at one point millions of pine needles along side a river.

Or you can take the ultimate hike and start one way and finish the other way!

Yesterday I did both and it was just under 5kms.

The hike is full of ups and downs, roots and rocks in the ground and caves so it’s not a hike for a stroller.

This hike is FREE & not by reservation.

Bathrooms remain closed at this point in time.


12169 Fifth Line, Limehouse L0P 1H0

Credit Valley Parks Visitor Services
Phone: 1-800-367-0890


After sunrise and before sunset daily.
(continued access is dependent on responsible park visitation and physical distancing practices)


Free admission


Limehouse Conservation Area – Credit Valley Conservation Credit Valley Conservation (


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