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Maple Syrup Season

There is nothing more promising than Maple Syrup season. The joys of learning how to tap a tree and collect that sweet sap that turns into the delicious Maple Syrup we pour over our pancakes every morning. It’s heaven.

We have our top local Maple Syrup festivals happening just in time for Spring.

Maple Town is back

There is nothing I love more than Maple Town at Mountsberg Conservation Area in Milton.

Event information will be updated here when the event is posted.

There is no shortage of fun at Mountsberg Conservation Area. Just check out all the fun we have while visiting here.

The Credit Valley Conservation has you covered

Not only are the Conservation Areas hosting the Maple Syrup festivals super dreamy for hiking during the spring but we could all use some Maple Syrup after a hike.

You can enjoy Maple Syrup season at Terra Cotta Conservation Area in Halton Hills or Island Lake Conservation Area by reserving your spots here.

For more information on the fun you can have at Terra Cotta visit here.

The Scenic Route

Maple Syrup season at Elliott Tree Farm has always been on my list to visit and you can plan your visit by clicking here.

The farm itself is super dreamy and there is a lot of grounds to explore. Spring has sprung!

There is always fun in store for you here!

Brooks Farms is always offering the most fun year round and you’ll want to keep your eyes on their upcoming events.

Maplefest is no different! Be sure to book your visit by clicking here.

This little village is great to explore

Westfield Heritage is one of my favourite places to explore in the area. You can read all about it here.

It’s a unique space with hidden hiking trails and now even a maple syrup festival.

You can schedule your fun by clicking here on.

Head into nature

Picturesque views and Maple syrup? What more could you ask for? Enjoy the sights and sciences of Cold Creek Conservation Area.

The festival opens March 12th and offers; face painting, demo’s, hikes and more.

You can schedule your fun by clicking here on.

Canada is the place where maple syrup is it’s own food group.

Jenny McWha
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