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Medieval Times and Dinner in Toronto

Tourist attraction - Tourism

⚔️ We were finally able to take the Mini to experience Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament @medievaltimestoronto in Toronto!

I was a little sceptical since he’s not a fan of loud noises but he loved it!

🛡 He was very into the whole show and experience.

🍗 He didn’t eat much of his dinner (chicken, corn on the cob, garlic toast and potato). I did bring his own utensils since everything involves eating with your hands unless you request cutlery.

We opted for the VIP experience and sat front row. We avoided line ups, had our pictures taken, our own cheering banners and more!

👑 We also had him ‘knighted’ by the Queen. He felt so special!

They are operating at limited capacity. Seats were very distanced apart.

My major concern was what to do with the baby… I was last minute freaking out.

You can either buy them their own seat which I couldn’t because she’s not old enough to sit solo (no arms on chairs and no high chairs) or they can sit on your lap. So… she sat on my lap in her carrier so she couldn’t squirm too much.

She didn’t make a peep the whole time, surprisingly. I think between the noise, the horses and the lights she was mesmerized.

Bathrooms on site.

Vegetarian options available.

Large gift shop.

You can view the horses off to the side of the gift shop through windows.

Show was just under 2 hours.

Parking is on site (at an additional cost).