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Ostrich Land Ontario

Ostrich Land Ontario In Caistor Centre (about 45 minutes from Oakville) was a different kind of experience for our family.

I like to report back to everyone on the places we’ve gone to give good feedback on family friendly fun and sometimes I cross paths with places that don’t fit our needs.

We expected to see and be hands on with the Ostrich’s a couple weekends ago and paid a good amount to do so.

When we arrived at the family’s home we were left out to wonder around and look at other animals such as bunnies, ducks, llamas and goats before the owners started their presentation in their basement on Ostrich oils and Ostrich food.

I had to take the Mini outside because he’s 2 and would not sit still through a 45 minute presentation in the dark. My poor vegan husband was left inside not sure what to expect. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So when the Ostrich tour finally began my Mini was ready to go, we got to see the little ostrich’s but left before our ‘photo op’ with the big guys.

So, if you are okay with the price and sitting through a presentation to see the Ostrich’s you could go but there wasn’t enough for the kids to keep occupied here.


8299 Concession 2 Rd, Caistor Centre, ON L0R 1E0