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Sherman Falls

e’re tired of sticking to the rivers and the lakes that we used to – So, sorry TLC but we’re chasing waterfalls!

🌊 Sherman Falls @hamiltonconservation in Ancaster is a very short walk off of the main road (parking available around the corner) with stunning views.

There is a great bridge used as a viewing platform to see the waterfall (especially for those with little feet).

Since the walk is fairly short you might want to research trails around Dundas Valley Conservation Area which is very close and has over 40km’s in trails to explore.

I can’t wait to revisit all of these waterfalls when everything turns green in the Spring. 🌷🌱

How many waterfalls do you think I can explore before Summer? 😍

As a reminder, under frozen ground can be flowing water which is extremely dangerous to stand on. Please stay on the trails. Standing too close to the waterfall can put you in the way of falling ice.


There is limited parking on a lot off of Artaban Road for $5 a day, around 450 metres to Sherman Falls. To walk to the falls from the parking lot, head back down Artaban Road, turn left on Lions Club Road and just before Old Dundas Road, turn right on the Bruce Trail.






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